Lee "nomad" Damon

Other Identities

Network avatars include topher on dragonmud, ENOMAD on irc.lopsa.org, and ct` or ct-prime on EFnet, an IRC network.

Personnas in the Society for Creative Anachronism are
Lord Christopher Thomas of (late 15th C actor/playwrite)
and Laurus Mercator (13th C cloth/spice merchant.)

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In case you're really curious, my resume is available.

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pub  1024/F1639B3D 1995/09/29 Lee V. Damon (secure) <nomad@castle.org>
          Key fingerprint =  5B 71 D5 4B F5 46 75 F4  40 5E D9 9F 6A 86 76 E8 

The armored version of the key is available.

Interesting menus I have worked on.

I have been involved with computers since the age of 3, when I started playing on the "big blue spaghetti machines" at IBM. (Ok, so I didn't know that that shiny new IBM 360/145 I was using for ASCII art was going to infect my blood with silicon dust.) To this day, I love the smell of the old computer rooms with their punched card dust.

My addiction was made solid when I got my first job. No McD's for me, nope. I went directly to IBM's Santa Threas labs. Then I spent the money on a shiny new TRS-80 (model 1, level II, with a whoping 16K of RAM!).

I have been very active in theatre since age 13 when I ran lights for a Jr. High production of Alice in Wonderland. Once I realized I didn't like programming I changed from CS to theatre, earning a Batchelor of Science degree in technical theatre arts (specializing in lighting and sound). Sadly, I haven't had much of a chance to do anything with it since I graduated from Oregon State University in March of 1988. I'm out of town too many weekends to be involved in long runs. I keep hoping to find a group that has short runs so I can get back into it.

There is much more to life than computers, so I spend as much time as I can 'having a life.' My current addictions are spending time with friends, the Society for Creative Anachronism, heraldry, cooking, dark (semi-sweet) chocolate, computers, and books by Mercedes Lackey. Not necessarily in that order, mind you.

I remodeled my old kitchen in San Diego. I love the look. It's a cooking queen's delight. Unfortunately I moved to Seattle in 2000, and had to leave the kitchen behind. Ah well, I've purchased a house up here and hope to get to remodel the kitchen in this one someday.

I spend my days (and some evenings, weekends, holidays, etc) working for the SSLI Lab in the Electrical Engineering department of the University of Washington as a Senior System Administrator. When I'm not at work, I can be found masquerading as Christopher Thomas at a local SCA event, hot-tubbing with friends, cooking, or playing with my computers at home.

The nickname 'nomad' comes from my last name, Damon, spelled backwards. A Unix account of ldamon would be just a bit confusing. :)

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